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US Robotics USR5686G 56K V.92 Serial Controller Fax Modem W/O Voice, Retail

USRobotics USR5686G

$ 89.99 $ 104.20

US Robotics USR5686G 56K V.92 Serial Controller Fax Modem W/O Voice, Retail
  • Specifications
    • Mfr Part Number: USR5686G
    • Features:
      • Advanced features and functionality
        • External DIP switches allows manual configuration of specific critical settings
        • Extra LEDs for better monitoring of serial signals
        • Precise manual volume control
        • Permanently store preferred modem default settings
      • Fax features and functionality
        • Send and receive secure data and faxes through your computer while running other applications
        • Fax features include delayed broadcast and group faxing
      • Get the speed you need
        • Fast Connect (V.22) allows 1200 bps connections without error control in less than 1 second, making this modem ideal for POS and ATM transactions that require lightning fast connections
        • Quick Connect (V.92) reduces the time it takes to establish your dial-up Internet connection
        • V.92 lets you send attachments up to 50% faster
      • Powerful Management Tools
        • Modem on Hold (MoH) lets you screen incoming calls so you can take the important ones
        • Modem on Hold lets you take calls while online without dropping your Internet connection - there's no need for a second phone line
      • Upgradable: Firmware upgradability and downloadable software ensure that this modem will continue to meet your changing needs without the need to buy a new modem
      • Advanced Line Probing Technology: This modem finds the most efficient path for each connection, assuring the best possible speeds, resulting in faster downloads and fewer dropped calls
      • Lower Power Consumption: This updated modem uses 50% less energy when in use and 75% less energy when idle mode, which makes it more environmentally friendly and will contribute to reducing electricity costs
    • General
      • Data: V.92, V.90, V.34+, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.23, and V.21, Bell 103, and Bell 212A
      • V.42/MNP 2-4 error correction, V.44 & V.42 bis/MNP 5 compression
      • Fax: V.17, V29, V.27ter, V.21; EIA 578 (Class 1) and EIA 592 (Class 2.0), Group III
      • V.80 video conferencing support
    • Physical
      • 8 Position DIP Switch
      • 7 LEDs (AA, CD, RD, SD, TR, CS, ARQ/FAX)
      • Phone line interface: Dual RJ-11
      • DTE Interface: RS232/V.24 - DB25 female connector
      • Power Supply: 9Vac 1A
      • Power Switch
      • Volume Control Knob
    • Minimum System Requirements
      • Available Serial Port
      • Analog Phone Line
      • RS-232 Serial Cable (not included)
    • Operating Systems
      • Modem is compatible with Windows 7 64-bit, Win 7, Server 2008 64-bit, Server 2008, Vista 64-bit, Vista, Server 2003 64-bit, Server 2003, XP 64-bit, XP, NT 4.0, 2000, ME, 98, 95, 3.1, Linux and DOS
      • Unimodem TSP/TAPI compliant
      • Fax software requires Microsoft Windows 95 or later
      • Modem on Hold requires Windows 2000 or higher
    • Regulatory: FCC approved (Part 15 Class B/Part 68), IC approved, UL/CUL listed, CE approved (Class B)
    • Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.75 x 1.3 inch
    • Weight: 0.5 lbs
    • Package Contents
      • USRobotics 56K Serial Controller Fax modem
      • AC Power Supply Unit
      • RJ-11 Telephone cable (7 ft)
      • Quick Install Guide
      • USRobotics Installation Essentials CD with modem device drivers, data/fax software, MoH, and manuals

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